Look Out Paint Can

Look Out Paint Can

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More FUN  than watching Paint DRY !

Begin by introducing your Red Ribbon paint can. Removing the can lid, audience notices red paint inside the lid.

Dip your paint brush into the can & lift it out, red paint is covering the brush.

You pick up the Red Ribbon paint can, toss red paint all over the screaming kids!

Of course it's not actual red paint at all, its a long flowing red ribbon!!!

Spin the paint can around and it says "GOT-YA" ! Kids go crazzzzzzy with laughter.

  • Add candy or confeitti for even more reaction.
  • Our unit has several features other models don't offer.
  • Streamlined interior of paint can, no fumbling any longer.
  • Free flowing streamer with end, perfect natural flowing! flowing!