Block, Complete Set

Block, Complete Set

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With the NEW PK BLOCK, a top QUALITY wood item, it can be made to fall over on command - no guessing when it will fall!

No need to LEAN the block against an object like other block tricks on the market.

The PK Block sets squarely on the table and falls the instant you desire it to fall!

You can also make the block move on a table top - sliding left or right.

Place it on a table and cover it with a large jar, glass or pitcher.
Have everyone concentrate on the block and in a few seconds it wobbles and falls over!

Completely examinable before, during or after the effect!
No wires or connections to you.
No secondary gimmicks to add or take away.

The PK Block stands approx. 3.5 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide
and .75 inches thick.